Friday, May 13, 2011

La Vie

When all decisions in life is determined by others
can you even call it your own?
If everything is predestined and karma all powerful
why even placate the Gods?
We all should lead lives as it pleases us
but what happens when your pleasure lies in pleasing others?
If neither questions nor answers come from inside
Why bother thinking at all?
Well all said and done, one has two choices
either to live in the illusion that we determine our lives
or accept & resent that we are mere spectators of the grand play called ‘la vie’.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is & isn’t!

Faith is not believing that God will solve all my problems;
It is all about trusting that even his not solving is for my good.
Confidence is not just being sure that you can
It is all about understanding that even if you can’t you don’t lose much.
Strength is not about winning time and again
It is all about being complacent, knowing that you fought hard.
Life is not just crossing hurdles after hurdles
It is all about getting up with a heave and moving towards the next one.
Hope is not anticipating good times
It is all about the conviction that even this will pass.