Monday, August 15, 2011

Incredible India

Is 65 years Old? Yes, in the case of mortals.
But for the timeless Indian spirit that transcends past, present and future,
65 years is a mere instance but a significant instance at that.
Where there has been turbulence and malevolence
Where there has been revolution and evolution
Where there have been fights for blood and bread.
Are we a booming economy or an incomprehensible Dichotomy?
The answer is as confusing as the famous Indian nod.
We are brave, we are generous
We have come so far in a journey which is onerous.
We have grown and we have won.
Progress, prosperity and charity
But did anyone say clarity?
We have cultivated breeds of politicians without strains of leadership.
Amidst these chaos
My mother stands tall as ever, inspiring the world in her infinite wisdom
Of harmonizing contradictions, rising despite odds,
and drawing billions towards her for solace of the motherhood.
Incredible India indeed.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I wake up, besides you
Bleary eyed, to the smell of distant freshness
Sunshine and drops of honey
Sticky, viscous
The hangover of happiness
Rain washed away the dirty smudges
Outside the eternal battle of cutlery
Hot, breakfast
Amma, can I have the cake and eat it too?
Mom said yes!!
Thunder and lightning
Change of scene
Oh no not again.
It’s a dream
And my heart touches the diaphragm.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Under the Rainy Sky

With every passing day,
I unwind in your warm breath,
My hands become more intertwined with yours,
I lose myself deeper into the labyrinth of your heart.

With every passing day,
The winds of life erode the stone wall of will,
I realise that you are my life source,
I am drawn closer to the light of your pristine innocence.

With every passing day,
I let my nights dawn for your unborn thoughts
And my days await the nightfall to see the million stars -
the dreams which were born by the union of our hopes.

With every passing day,
I resonate more with your silence,
I tune into your speech , I decipher your signs
Yet I discover more mysteries, unfathomable.

But with every passing day,
Your image is getting blurred; your voice is getting muffled
As the cold tentacles of time
drag me away into unknown parts of the ether.

Oh my life,
When will you let me live?
Don’t you see that I am crying under the rainy sky?

May we all fall down...

The fall that churns your stomach keeps from tumbling down.
Knowing is the first step towards ignorance
And ignorance first step towards knowledge.
Dattatreya accepted everyone possible as guru,
Is it because he was an Avadhuta?
Or did he become that because he learned from all?
Do you how to eat multiple helpings of Akara Vadisal?
Lick the pickle between multiple helpings of sweet.
If everybody loves you, something is wrong.
Find one enemy to keep you alert Paulo Coelho Tweets!
Atishoo atishoo may we all fall down.