Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Drop

It is overcast but it would never rain like the trepidation will go unspoken

Pieces of broken glass stick together like in one of those unbreakable glasses

I grind my teeth and try to scatter them but come back with bruised fingers

Its always about others.... or for them, themselves

The best words are never said, they are the worst too

I walked miles only to discover that it was a circular path

Living in desolation would at least keep me grounded

The last drop to fill the cup shall never fall

Don't even bother

what difference does nudity make when no one is around!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Madras through the Six Senses

As the eclectic smells waft through the air
Of salt, sweat and the Cooum river
And if the smells of the sea and Jasmine win
Yes Machan; it is Madras you are in!

The roaring of machines & blaring of trains
With a splash of kollywood and music it rains
And if notes of Carnatic rise above the din
Yes Machan; it is Madras you are in!

Fluffy soft idlis or hot molaga bajji
With piping hot, strong, degree filter coffee 
If that’s what the world is having for tiffin
Yes Machan; it is Madras you are in!

 Residential flats, Glass Towers, pristine
And temples of yore share the sky line
If it is Medley of old and new herein  
Yes Machan; it is Madras you are in!

Hot, hotter, hottest are the three seasons
Blame the humidity and various other reasons
If the same warmth is in air and also its men
Yes Machan; it is Madras you are in!

No matter where you come here from
If you feel at home and always welcome
If the city grows on you like the taste of Gin
Yes Machan; it is Madras you are in!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gandhian Concept of Democracy in Power Distribution

The largest black out in human history, which India faced shall remain the largest for quite some time to come as it is quite impossible to replicate the same anywhere else, unless China also fails in an equal miserable way (the chances of which aren’t remote as China’s demand for power is also more that its capacity to generate). This blackout had left millions stranded in the dark for a long time, there were miner trapped, hospitals disabled. Those who could afford ran their back up systems and could maintain the status quo but what about those who are dependent solely on the power supplied by the government? They had no choice but to suffer silently.
In a typical reactive mode our government is now talking of reforms in the power sector. But one needs to ask what kind of reforms? Privatization? Even if the UPA government gathers enough courage to usher in such changes, at best it would benefit a few large corporates who will walk away filling their coffers at the cost of the common man. Do we have an alternative one may ask? This is where we can think of replicating what Mahatma said about Democracy, in power sector.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This is where the mankind will return to....

Vibes of victory

Over vice brutality & treachery

Over exploitation, destruction and treachery.

Waves of hope

To tide over disasters and diseases

To tide over penury and prejudice

To tide over oppression and depression.

Beaming smiles, Radiant faces

Thoughtful eyes and able bodies

Unbreakable spirit to keep fighting

The internal and external enemies.

One finds all of these here – Africa,

This is where the mankind came from

And this is where the mankind will return to. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I hate the Twilight

The tantalizing purposelessness
The guilt inducing vacuum
Sound of piercing chats, confusing piety
Desperate Calling out to a misunderstood deity
Purple pink sky 
The golden yellow lights of bulbs
Tug of war between elevation and elation
Closure of one more episode of countless lives
Fear of safe return
And anxiety like that of roosting birds
Forewarning of the darkness to come
Aching longing for the distant joy
Vacillating loyalties
Rising royalties for the people who tread the uncharted
Neither the light to understand nor the darkness to hide, my sins
I hate the twilight,
whenever I get the time to think
whenever I get the liberty to be myself
I hate the twilight.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lost voice in the wilderness!!!

When I can’t talk to you after a testing day,
When I can’t see you roaming around,
And feel secure in that natural bond, which tied us together,
When I can’t listen to your voice - a soothing reassurance,
like a breeze that foretells the arrival of monsoon on a sultry summer evening,
I try to hold on to the myriad images in my memories
I try to experience them in my mind
I try to look into the photos in which we have frozen moments that defined my life.
Alas, that only makes me cry
As I crave more
to hug you tight,
to lean on your shoulder
to beat, to pinch, to bite you
to laugh my heart out with you.
Those long walks are gone,
The silent evenings are a distant past!
The unseen, untold, unforgettable hands of darkness
hold me down as I try to jump out of this quick sand.
All I see is the huge distance
As I try to grab as much as I can from your presence
To fill up the vacuum of your absence,
I slip down in the abyss as huge tongues flames engulf me.
Can you hear my cries?
Or have I become a lost voice in the wilderness already?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can you please state, why the state?

“This cannot be your birthday treat! The meal cost us only 94 Dirhams!” We exclaimed dismayed by the fact that our friend’s birthday treat did not cost him more, even after having a sumptuous three course meal in the famed Jumierah Beach Walk. Just then a bus full of laborers went past us. No one noticed. Well, why would anyone pay attention to a bus that transports people from their camps to place of work (which is a construction site of a big hotel) when you have a parade of BMW, Audi and Ferraris going by?
The bus came to a halt just near our table (we were dining outside) and I got a glimpse of people inside. Nothing spectacular, no romanticizing of poverty here, it was a bus full of hardworking, underpaid men. But what disrupted the magnetic field of affluence that prevailed was not their presence but the millions of questions their eyes threw astray while they gawked at the well attired men, those dainty ladies and those spectacular structures which their brethren built and which they never will get to enter.
Though we say so much about bahujan hitai bahujai sukhai, let us stop the political rhetoric and lay down certain facts clear. Poverty has to exist in one form or another. It is a macroeconomic truth that prosperity shall be only when poverty is. The world as we have built today will keep running only as long as there is inequality, the moment equality is established, the commerce and business, the trade and activity shall cease. So will growth and prosperity.
George Orwell has illustrated in his 1984 the same fact so vividly. There have always been throughout human history and shall always be three classes, the elite, the middle class and the proletariat. All the revolutions of the masses succeeded in replacing the elite with a new group from the middle, which then promptly restructured the set up into three classes again. That’s what the communists, the socialists, the democrats have done in the name of establishing equality – they have aped the autocrats in their own way. The power, wealth, authority shall lie in the hands of the (s)elected few. This pattern repeats in a micro & macro cosmic way. The world as we have built it now can never become equal, as we have built it on people’s inabilities not on their abilities.
So coming back to our laborer friends in the bus, are they condemned to the buses, camps & construction sites? The answer is yes, as per our current social set up!  When we have a government (all countries included) which lays down guidelines to maintain the status quo, what else can we expect. The communists say that everything belongs to everyone and hence the state owns everything and a few people in power end up enjoying it. The capitalists say that each has to earn as per his ability and make no ado about people amassing wealth, in fact it goes a step further by bailing out corporate (which had taken risks ruthlessly and behaved irresponsibly) with the money of the public. Fundamentally these socioeconomic systems are the same, an ideal communistic society where each produces to his ability and consumes as per his need will be perfectly capitalistic! Drill down deeper and it shall make sense.  
One may say that we have to climb up on the shoulders of our comrades to reach the heights and it is our duty to bear the weight, like what we do on a Janmashtami Human Tower (to break the dahi handi – uriyadi in tamil) – but people who are little bright can realize that in reality the person who climbs, stays there! We the bearers keep bearing! Ridiculous is it not? But this model prospers because we have a strong state backing which has a strong commercial backing. So do away with the state, let anarchy set in and equality shall find its way through. In fact I wonder if we need equality at all! All we need is a fair way of establishing inequality, a set up which is fluid enough to let people rise like molecules that are heated up. The cooler one will go down and once they get heated up they rise again, eventually spreading warmth all over.
When we see sense in not letting other determine what we (as an individual) do, we think that it is essential that someone dictate what the society should do! Why do we lack the fundamental belief that we as a group can govern ourselves without a structure, hierarchy or a leader? This, I presume is what Gandhi would have had in his mind when he advocated direct democracy for India. Every village for its own self - well he knew that Ram Rajya was not possible without Gram Rajya.
Think if we had a say in what our society did:
·         Would our land be given away to huge mining corporations?
·         Would we let grains rot in one end and people starve at the other end of the same supply chain?
·         Would we buy soft drinks worth 10 Paise for 10 Rupees?
·         Would we buy bottled water and not demand that our water be managed well and be given free?
·         Would we let car loans be cheaper than education loans?
The problems are not just Indian; I quote Indian examples as charity begins at home.
When Anna Hazare says ‘as a civilian he is above the parliament’, he is right! We are all, but unless we the people awaken we will just keep changing the elite group with another one and forget that we are it. Tat Tvamasi.  As early men we were stateless and were able to establish civilizations and inventions that defined evolution. The day we established the state, we have curtailed evolution – all the degradation (of natural resources, environment) stands as living proofs. I am not blaming the state for this as this is the result of our inability to stop when these happened. Humanity was once ruled by priests and then came the kings, now it’s the turn of the businessmen tomorrow it shall be the proletariat. But unless we shun elitism and do away with the inequality that we have carefully built and nourished, we shall never be any different.
Let us remain hopeful, after all hope did not come out of Pandora’s Box without a purpose!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tamaso ma jyotirga maya!

Walk slowly but steadily,
there is this light to guide you.
from illusion to truth
from darkness to light
realise you are already immortal!

Transition is constant, we are changing ever.
Determine the direction by looking at this soothing light
it will lead you, me, us
from lower to higher levels of consciousness
from turbulence to benevolence
from disturbance to peace
from experimental to supra mental!

The light glows everywhere within the best and worst of men.

Monday, February 20, 2012

When will the mothership come?

Hear all! No not all,
only those who can see things before they happen,
only those whose hearts, souls and minds are open.
Those of us who don't see numbers but value,
those of us who talk with your inner you.

Hear all indigo spirits,
If you feel your life is a Topsy-turvy Déjà Vu  
If you feel that you are Winnie the pooh
If you speak fluently an unknown tongue
If you seem to grow not old but young

Hear those who yearn,
To return to the warmth of the mother ship
to take the final mission completion trip.
Those who search everywhere for a sign,
did you forget that the stars are ever benign?

Soon Jupiter & Venus shall shine above the horizon
Mercury will join the celestial procession.
Then the pathway to heaven will be thrown open
leading us to the land of twinkling purple sun.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Aroma of the Eclectic Soup

For the past few days a soup has been simmering inside my mind, an eclectic mixture of Objectivism, Laissez Faire Capitalism and Libertarian Socialism. No to mention the anarchist inclinations that makes me take an anti establishment stand. The aroma that arose from that pot was both tantalizing and invigorating. It led to one of those phases in life when one questions everything that is internal, values, attitude, ethics, philosophy and Faith.   
But, can faith be questioned? Is it not placed on the pedestal of untouchable sanctity?  The answer that emerged after a prolonged strife is that yes for the former and no for the later. Whoever says that faith is unquestionable is wrong, no two ways about it.  Faith has to be questioned time and again. It is only after going through the furnace of questions do beliefs transform into faith and that why, beliefs can be superstitious but faith never. The more we doubt and interrogate the more pristine it becomes. Actually is the same spirit of questioning hailed by the Upanishads which say never accept anything without questioning.
If our entire value system and hence our outlook is a manifestation of faith can we keep rattling the foundation by constant cross examination, will it not create instability? No, again. A successful entity (being or organization, anything that is capable of interaction) should be dynamic and agile.   Agility is survival. So the more you keep your foundations updated the more free you become. Rigidity can indicate only one thing, an imminent rigor mortis. In fact human evolution, which beyond doubts is much more than physiological, can be summed up as below according to me:
We believed -> We trusted -> We began to have faith
Now, one should not give in to the misconception of seeing faith and religion interchangeably. Here faith is not treated as a religion but it deals with faith as ability, faith as a virtue of human mind, as an infallible weapon in the evolutionary arms race acquired and nurtured by generations of contemplation. Again at this juncture we have to clarify that faith is not hope. Hope is pinning up expectations of something positive. But faith is being positive about an outcome or the lack of it, which could be positive or negative or neutral. It is that conviction which rejects or accepts things with absolute surety. It is that current that has shattered, rebuilt, stripped and dressed up humanity through the ages.
Like all universal truths the crescendo of this stream of thought arrived at an unexpected moment in the temple of Dubai amidst subdued exuberance. A dull blow from a conch shell and hundreds of people clapping in a small, cramped place of worship; conveyed to me, how people refuse to let go of what that they have chosen to accept. They brave, they fight, they submit, they lay dormant like a virus for eons waiting for an opportune moment to resurface. That’s when I realized that we are not faithful because of religion but on the contrary religions exist because we are capable of faith.