Monday, June 3, 2013

Bubble wrap dreams!

The colours on the canvas fade slowly

As the winds of life erode the surface

Of my our imaginary worlds

Those worlds that are made and destroyed

By wills and fancies – ironically not mine!

For solace we can fall back on Karma,

Honestly where will civilizations be 

if not for these philosophies?

Well, for some, dreams are like bubble wrap,

Meant less for nurturing, more for bursting

Either for the pleasure of others

Or for ourselves, as we have nothing better to do!

But thanks to those fancies we beggars can ride once in a while.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The drunkard’s babel

Don’t call me a drunkard; I drink to be honest

The world kills the candid men; you either lie or die

Spirits make us blurt out the harshest of the bitter truths

Hence listen, sober fools

Often the protagonist and the hero of a tale are different

The protagonist is destined to be, but to be a hero is a matter of choice

The protagonist shoulders the responsibility because the hero bears the burden

The protagonist was because the heroes rose

Sadly, the heroes are forgotten as the legends are propagated

No one knows which is inherent and which you absorbed over the years

Tales are a grotesque mixture of innocence and vile astuteness

They now spread rigor mortis slowly into inspiration

Should I fight or should I love the death of the spirit

The answer glows as the warmth spreads

Leave the coils and be a free soul eternally

And hence I drink and strive to peel off the layers to reveal the reality

Don’t call me drunkard; I drink to understand humanity