Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Rainy Window of our childhood…..


Waiting for the summer rains,Rainy Window

unaware that it would never come.

Spinning out thousand  tales

not knowing where they came from.


Fighting over a packet of maggie

or nibbling half a 5 star for hours

nothing was exclusively yours or mine

the little we had was always ours.


Choosing a tinkle that has to be read now

the happiness of having saved rupees ten

in the old plastic dabba with a hole

life was pure, pristine and simple then.


Come rains off we went to watch with glee

and it was best viewed from the hall.

who would sit which side of Johari’s window

who gets to see the way the rains fall.


Both of us perched on its narrow sill,

though unfathomable we did it, but how?

Have we out grown it or has the world,

Pinky, become too small for our love.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Bearded Uncle

Take off your ear studs
And start shaving daily.
Keep your eyebrows knotted
And stop moving gaily.

Can you see in black & white?
Can you worship your chores?
Do you keep singing always?
It’s rude to knock on the doors.

A lieutenant cannot speak
He should be all eyes and ears.
Wait till you get three stars
So silence for three years.

Understand if I yell at you
it’s only a correction,
Ah did I tell you?
you need to change your vision.

Now the silly child within asks,
 ‘Where is the bearded uncle,
Who used to dance like possessed,
And sing a song at will?’

Sunday, November 20, 2011


A pupa breaks its cocoon to emerge as a colourful flutter by
and the fog settles down as a thousand diamond dew drops.
The water buffalo emerges from the swamp
with its back caked with the mud of past
and the drizzle caresses it to a sparkling grey.
Every time you laugh,
One more layer of my heart unfurls.
I no longer sleep like a foetus,
I sleep with my arms wide open
waiting for you to run into my embrace.
Metamorphosis into an open, infinite expanse of limitless love.

Friday, October 7, 2011



Time flies faster than our thoughts

if it is deemed close to our hearts.

I started this course, unsure, not before long

but here I am, already with my swansong.


The RD Chants, the occasional rants

the endless nights, the senseless fights

the presentations, the explorations

the tricky assignments, the disillusionments


Trickled through our hands, these precious moments

we found a strand worth holding in endless torrents

slowly our ‘When will this get over yaar’

changed to ‘why is this getting over yaar’


However, sunset is just a reminder of upcoming dawn

sleeping club will still be flooded with many a yawn

for friends like us, eternal and true

Good Byes only mean God bless you


This one year, together we swivelled and whirled

in this MBA, undoubtedly the best in the world

For us MBA is not Masters of Business Administration

but it is our ‘Most Blessed Association’

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rains are more beautiful in my home town

Rains are more beautiful in my home town.
the anticipation and wait
make it sweeter.
Over there it is relief, it is change
It is a new beginning.
It is the end of summer that saps
energy and life out of us.
The showers in wilderness
Downpours in concrete jungles
Mild drizzle in the mountains
Or lazy rain of the countryside
nothing of these are as spectacular as the rains
that flood my city and make our lives tough.
Yes, the rains are more beautiful in my home town,
Because when the rain comes down 
it brings memories of running to get wet 
with a blue plastic bag on our heads.
and because along with the scent my soil
Rises my past
When I believed that I can make my paper boats
Sail to the sea
And across to foreign shores.

Frozen Souls

If all world is a stage
we started acting 
at a very early age.
only that somewhere down the line
we forgot to stop.

In this jungle of 
tropical insects
hungry for food,
In this garden
where bees are eager
to suck or to sting

We too are flowers
our petals shrivelled
and souls frozen.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Incredible India

Is 65 years Old? Yes, in the case of mortals.
But for the timeless Indian spirit that transcends past, present and future,
65 years is a mere instance but a significant instance at that.
Where there has been turbulence and malevolence
Where there has been revolution and evolution
Where there have been fights for blood and bread.
Are we a booming economy or an incomprehensible Dichotomy?
The answer is as confusing as the famous Indian nod.
We are brave, we are generous
We have come so far in a journey which is onerous.
We have grown and we have won.
Progress, prosperity and charity
But did anyone say clarity?
We have cultivated breeds of politicians without strains of leadership.
Amidst these chaos
My mother stands tall as ever, inspiring the world in her infinite wisdom
Of harmonizing contradictions, rising despite odds,
and drawing billions towards her for solace of the motherhood.
Incredible India indeed.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I wake up, besides you
Bleary eyed, to the smell of distant freshness
Sunshine and drops of honey
Sticky, viscous
The hangover of happiness
Rain washed away the dirty smudges
Outside the eternal battle of cutlery
Hot, breakfast
Amma, can I have the cake and eat it too?
Mom said yes!!
Thunder and lightning
Change of scene
Oh no not again.
It’s a dream
And my heart touches the diaphragm.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Under the Rainy Sky

With every passing day,
I unwind in your warm breath,
My hands become more intertwined with yours,
I lose myself deeper into the labyrinth of your heart.

With every passing day,
The winds of life erode the stone wall of will,
I realise that you are my life source,
I am drawn closer to the light of your pristine innocence.

With every passing day,
I let my nights dawn for your unborn thoughts
And my days await the nightfall to see the million stars -
the dreams which were born by the union of our hopes.

With every passing day,
I resonate more with your silence,
I tune into your speech , I decipher your signs
Yet I discover more mysteries, unfathomable.

But with every passing day,
Your image is getting blurred; your voice is getting muffled
As the cold tentacles of time
drag me away into unknown parts of the ether.

Oh my life,
When will you let me live?
Don’t you see that I am crying under the rainy sky?

May we all fall down...

The fall that churns your stomach keeps from tumbling down.
Knowing is the first step towards ignorance
And ignorance first step towards knowledge.
Dattatreya accepted everyone possible as guru,
Is it because he was an Avadhuta?
Or did he become that because he learned from all?
Do you how to eat multiple helpings of Akara Vadisal?
Lick the pickle between multiple helpings of sweet.
If everybody loves you, something is wrong.
Find one enemy to keep you alert Paulo Coelho Tweets!
Atishoo atishoo may we all fall down.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Last Train to the Past

Tomorrow I should organise my thoughts.
One box for the transience
and one for all that related to conscience
One for her and one for her and one for her!
One for it.
Infinite such tomorrows have gone by
and by all probability go by.
Yet tomorrow might be the day;
when dark things might stop crawling into my bed sheets
when migraines of yore might be washed ashore never to come again.
Don’t wake me up rudely, I hate when people startle me
And you friendly ghost don’t you dare boo at me.
For all who live inside the walls of my room
 I have stopped talking to you.
Strangers in my dream god bless you, you may go.
I run towards sleep the only saviour
When the sticky violet hands of the night chase
to tear open my heart to reveal the dawn with streaks of blood.
Clueless I ask the stranger on the side
“Mister, when does the last train to the past leave?’’
I have some unfinished business there.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Narcotic Life

Convoluted mathematical derivations
seem simple before the turns of destiny
which is unravelled unrivalled.
If we have the magic key that opens every door
honey the challenge is to find the key hole now.
Fate does not make you weaker
instead it keeps getting smarter.
The neural network of the universe is ever updating
every move that can possible be conceived by human
every thought that is still covered in the mental placenta
is a mere variable in the universal equation.
If in doubts destiny lets you win,
experiments with you and learns skills
which will be used against you.
Still man lives on,
the one who knows this and the one who doesn’t.
He runs behind the solution of this equation
which the universe has not yet finished and hence he will live on.
As yet another night fades into a pale dawn
It rekindles lost forsaken hopes.
But still we look forward to it.
Cheers to life.
The most effective narcotic known to mankind yet.......


The mind gets disturbed when everything is calm
Yet finds peace in disturbance
If peace and transients are two sides of the same coin
Where do I go in search of peace and why?
Any relationship is an additional bundle
And which one is the last to break the camel’s back?
We spend our entire lives carrying bundles
Is that all I am made for?
Oh no baby, do not follow me
I am not marriage material.
And why do things I run away from
Get attracted to me all the more?
Thrill of chase leaves both of us tired.
When I can’t even practice what I preach
What use is any preaching of?
If questions and answers are two coins of the same side
Should I even look out for the answers of these questions?
To hell with the world
I am on my way to become an Avadhuta!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Let me just be...

Once I get tired of running hither thither
I might sit down and look up.
Realising that I have been only running in circles all along
and as a confounded schizophrenic might stare at you.
I might want to pour out all the contradictions in me
I would want to sleep to make up for these restless nights.
Like the skin shedding its toxins while healing
My mind shall let go of all its sins.
Then it might dawn on me how great life is
and how callously I have squandered it.
This dawn of greatness shall spread the light of humility
Then my heart will be filled with remorse
For all those things I never did and I will never do.
If at that time if I seek solace, refuge in you
Don’t turn me away Narahari!
Let me just soak in your infinite love
And let me just be……..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chennai (Un)friendly?

No matter how much I try to forgive the ethnocentric North Indian, he goes a step further which forces to me extend my patience by another level. One thing is for sure North Indian will never understand the linguistic attachment of the Tamizhs. For them it is as bad as a separatist movement. I can understand that they never have had the need to defend their language but that does not ever mean that whoever does is wrong. To rate a city, a culture, a race as being unfriendly on this one aspect that they don’t talk your mother tongue is nothing but a gargantuan misjudgment. Well I am surprised that how people manage to defend it.
Let us set some facts clear here:
1.       Tamizh is not a regional language, it is the official language in three countries(India, Sri Lanka, Singapore) which makes it more international than any other language in India (Hindi-Urdu – 2 countries, Bengali – 2 countries)
2.       Chennai is not one of those cities that will awe you and make you fall in love with it at the first sight. Unless you are born here you will hate it the first time you encounter it. Chennai is like Whiskey one has to cultivate a taste for it. Once you have spent some time here you will accept it and if you happen to spend more time here then you will love it and you will prefer it over any other place on earth.
3.       Chennai is more deeply rooted to its traditions than other metros, but this is the charm of the Queen of Coromandel.
Now assuming that you visiting Chennai for a short time and not able to spend time here, I would advice all those travelers to go to Wiki travel and see what the travel guide says about visiting any city before cribbing that people of Chennai talk in Tamizh or English only. The travel guide says pick up a bit of the local language it does not say anywhere that teach the local populace your mother tongue. I am so surprised that people who willingly learn ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Excusez Moi’ while visiting Paris cannot do the same with some ‘anna’ or ‘akka’. Even the French are widely perceived as being haughty for defending their identity but well their alien origins gain them some respect, however as a native we don’t stand to gain that either.
I am not telling that Chennai is perfect, I agree that it has the worst auto & taxi drivers in India who take you for a ride – pun intended. I agree that they fleece people from other places. I also agree that people do not talk Hindi even if they know (I am not elucidating the reasons as the issue would take an unwanted political overtone). But I am just challenging branding of the city and its people based on this one observation. Chennai has one of the most welcoming cultures but it is subtle. People of all languages live with pride about their identity here. I am not telling this because I am Tamizh, I am not.  I am a Telugu by race but I identify myself more as a Tamizh than Telugu. We have lived here so long that now ‘The’ Telugu people question our Telugu identity time and again but I have never felt alien in Tamizh Nadu as they have never even once questioned my affiliation to Tamizh though I speak a different language, follow a different tradition, am from a different culture!
Give it thought which other place in India would let a person born in another state become the CM of that state? We have had a Malayali CM, a CM who was born in Karnataka. Where else in India would people make a person who speaks a different language your heart throb and would be willing to sacrifice lives on him? Our super star(wishing him a speedy recovery) is not Tamizh if you did not know, he is Marathi. And still you say we aren’t friendly. True friendship runs deep; it is more than the shallow smile and light hug. We might not be doing that well but we make sure that you feel at home if you choose to stay. We don’t hold your origins against you; we put you on our shoulders that take you to dizzy heights. When we say it is ‘Vantharai Vazha Vaikkum Tamizhagam’ (Tamizh Land gives life to whoever comes) we mean it, to the T. Just a thought what happened to Vani Jayaram and Kamalahassan who wanted to make it big in Bollywood? Accepted, when Sadhana Sargam Sings we do stress on the way she pronounces ‘Zha’ but nevertheless we respect her melody and she continues to win appreciation from Tamizh audience.
If being friendly, is talking your language and later throwing out citing your origins or conspiring to side line you just because you come from a different place, Chennai is most unfriendly and so be it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dubai Days....

The laughter is still ringing in my ears
And the images refuse to budge
My heart brims with longing
for those moments of noisy bonding.

Where are those stairs to happiness,
those endless nights of banter?
Where are those thousand cigarettes
Which we shared with countless secrets?

The way we prowled the corridors
caring two hoots about everything else,
Shouting war cries and swear words
as if we were the rulers of all the worlds.

Ah! the dirty dirty birthday bash
Mango juice and potato mash?
Water can Drums, Noise and Din
beating the day lights out of him.

As Sumanth rightly said ‘you can take the man out of the desert
But you can’t take the desert out of the man’
Singapore you have it all
But you aren’t like Dubai at all!

For us it represents the spirit, light and glow
of our friendship, love and exhilaration.
Would give anything to get those Dubai days back
We miss you Dubai. We love you Dubai.

Friday, May 13, 2011

La Vie

When all decisions in life is determined by others
can you even call it your own?
If everything is predestined and karma all powerful
why even placate the Gods?
We all should lead lives as it pleases us
but what happens when your pleasure lies in pleasing others?
If neither questions nor answers come from inside
Why bother thinking at all?
Well all said and done, one has two choices
either to live in the illusion that we determine our lives
or accept & resent that we are mere spectators of the grand play called ‘la vie’.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is & isn’t!

Faith is not believing that God will solve all my problems;
It is all about trusting that even his not solving is for my good.
Confidence is not just being sure that you can
It is all about understanding that even if you can’t you don’t lose much.
Strength is not about winning time and again
It is all about being complacent, knowing that you fought hard.
Life is not just crossing hurdles after hurdles
It is all about getting up with a heave and moving towards the next one.
Hope is not anticipating good times
It is all about the conviction that even this will pass.