Sunday, February 20, 2011

A pleasure of Thousand Lives

 You are death.
Still an arcane attraction,
makes you, my orbital eccentricity.
Like a alcoholic slowly drinking from the cup of his life,
I move towards you
to become one flash in your eternal glow,
For dying in you, gives me
the pleasure of having lived a thousand lives.  


Annapoorani said...

errrr....greek and latin..God give me little bit of brain to understand madhu's writing!
btw is it about death?
why on earth you always tend to write either glum or gloomy things..come on write something peppy things I say!

Appudu said...

Its not about death, its about many things - God, Love, Addictions, Madness etc.... It depends on how we interpret it..

Gowri did u read the previous one May we be blessed? Thats is not gloomy......

subhashree said...