Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Poem :) An ode to the new year

The white knight said to his heart throb:
“I am thinking that,
If ever dreams & energy had a shape,
I would perceive them and use them to be better man.
If only dreams were reality and all the reality a dream
and if ever those dreams came true, I would never come back in reality.
If ever imagination has a limit and could become reality,
I would go back in time and live my childhood again
to live every moment as if it was my last and to Carpe Diem.
If ever love had sense and was always understood
And there was a scale to measure love then I would tell how I feel about you.”

I can’t help but think, he continued:
“How much more can be achieved,
if ever there was a limit to desires and we could reach it from within.
If only sky was the limit & the only borders across countries,
If only we were so clever to keep others happy forever
and ensure that there were no tears only smiles all around.
If we realised life does not shrink as we grow.
If only the world was a simple place and people,
understood everything we meant and no one ever misunderstood,
If they let you have the choice,
stayed loyal, got rid of selfishness,
If ever we never lied and if we grew horns when we lie,
How simple it would to tear off the masks that we are all wearing!”

“If ever we believed,
that some things do last forever
that sometimes the most difficult problems are solved by the simplest solutions
that a tough past will drive one towards a simple future
that love is fun & fun is love.
that stars can exist right here, amongst us
that no heart will get hurt in the pursuit of dream,
then we enjoy our time like there is no tomorrow”

“If we had the courage to ask for what the heart wants
and scream for it with all our might and dare wish;
for enough sleep to dream,
to have our own pet orangutans,
that  birds were not the only creatures to have wings,
to stay in Antarctica for a night,
for a break whenever we need change,
to sleep on the clouds,
a fire that can melt sorrows,
to make time stand still to freeze those moments of life.
Only then we will be able to envisage a bright future after a year of struggle,
year after year.

And the maiden said "so where do your thoughts take you and where you go?"
The Knight replied "where the light takes me, towards a new year,
a new dawn,
a new world where all my wishes would come true.
Come along my love”
And they held hands and flew together into eternity.


Sethu M said...

Great Work! I loved it when u put it up as "Our Poem" !

Sharma said...

Great job Maddy !!!
Keep going .....

Appudu said...

Thanks Sharma & Sethu.... :)

Nikhil said...

Buddy your talented !!! Great Work !

vins said...

awesome Mr. SaRiMaGaRi ;-)

. said...

This work is really a surprise coz i atleast completely forgot that we circulated that piece of paper until this masterpiece came from Madan ..Indeed creative and a great beginning to the new year ahead .. Happy New year to all of you people ..Cheers, Rakhi

Pallavi said...

Wonderfully compiled !!

Sandy said...

naiceeee... Maddy great work...

Appudu said...

Guys, Honestly the credit goes to all of us, as we all wrote this together.... As pallavi says I was just the compiler....

A classic case of remediation perhaps :D

Annapoorani said...

First I loved the is so nice...your batchmates?
Wonderfully coined extra-ordinary poem...
is it a team work or is it madhu's brainchild?
But I loved it to the core.You can call one of my fav poems amongst ur collections :)
keep them coming.
I am so glad to see ur posts :) Con't explain my happiness.At last you realized ut talents.All credits goes to ur MBA for changing you :)

Anushree said...

amazing stuff maddy !! :)

Appudu said...

Thanks you Anushree...

Saleema said...

Awesome Madan....