Thursday, March 3, 2011


Memories gently oscillate to and fro
voices from a distance call out to me
my old self waves at me with joy
and I feel like feeling a long lost feeling.

Thoughts hover around me
I hear notes from another world and smell nostalgia.
I open a long forgotten box
and discover new surprises.

I see how time has slipped through my fingers
and future has already become the past.
The cycle of countless days and night
complete one circumambulation around me.

My heart explodes into ripples
like a pond teasingly caressed by the wind,
whenever I think of the first time
I set my eyes upon you, my love.


subhashree said...

:-) rejuvenation

diya said...

अरे हमको प्यार मत करो /
बेवजाई हमको याद मत करो /
ऐसा है कि ,
फूल भी , प्यार में तप कर ,
यादो में सिकुटकर /
बारूद बन जाता है /
बाग़ को क्या ?
सारे जहां को बर्बाद कर जाता है //

Appudu said...

Divya what a beautiful couplet!! :)