Wednesday, August 3, 2011

May we all fall down...

The fall that churns your stomach keeps from tumbling down.
Knowing is the first step towards ignorance
And ignorance first step towards knowledge.
Dattatreya accepted everyone possible as guru,
Is it because he was an Avadhuta?
Or did he become that because he learned from all?
Do you how to eat multiple helpings of Akara Vadisal?
Lick the pickle between multiple helpings of sweet.
If everybody loves you, something is wrong.
Find one enemy to keep you alert Paulo Coelho Tweets!
Atishoo atishoo may we all fall down.

1 comment:

Janani Venkett said...

you have said if everybody loves you , something is wrong. The other way is also true, nobody loves you also, something is wrong..... i go behind and get lots of nose cuts. so am i falling down many times? to learn something?