Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Under the Rainy Sky

With every passing day,
I unwind in your warm breath,
My hands become more intertwined with yours,
I lose myself deeper into the labyrinth of your heart.

With every passing day,
The winds of life erode the stone wall of will,
I realise that you are my life source,
I am drawn closer to the light of your pristine innocence.

With every passing day,
I let my nights dawn for your unborn thoughts
And my days await the nightfall to see the million stars -
the dreams which were born by the union of our hopes.

With every passing day,
I resonate more with your silence,
I tune into your speech , I decipher your signs
Yet I discover more mysteries, unfathomable.

But with every passing day,
Your image is getting blurred; your voice is getting muffled
As the cold tentacles of time
drag me away into unknown parts of the ether.

Oh my life,
When will you let me live?
Don’t you see that I am crying under the rainy sky?


Prachi Chowdhary said...

Thanks Maddy...I luv it....

Prachi Chowdhary said...

Allow me to steal few lines....

Archana said...

WOW...! what i can say... it was so lovely.. you read my thoughts da! :)..