Friday, September 9, 2011

Rains are more beautiful in my home town

Rains are more beautiful in my home town.
the anticipation and wait
make it sweeter.
Over there it is relief, it is change
It is a new beginning.
It is the end of summer that saps
energy and life out of us.
The showers in wilderness
Downpours in concrete jungles
Mild drizzle in the mountains
Or lazy rain of the countryside
nothing of these are as spectacular as the rains
that flood my city and make our lives tough.
Yes, the rains are more beautiful in my home town,
Because when the rain comes down 
it brings memories of running to get wet 
with a blue plastic bag on our heads.
and because along with the scent my soil
Rises my past
When I believed that I can make my paper boats
Sail to the sea
And across to foreign shores.
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