Friday, October 7, 2011



Time flies faster than our thoughts

if it is deemed close to our hearts.

I started this course, unsure, not before long

but here I am, already with my swansong.


The RD Chants, the occasional rants

the endless nights, the senseless fights

the presentations, the explorations

the tricky assignments, the disillusionments


Trickled through our hands, these precious moments

we found a strand worth holding in endless torrents

slowly our ‘When will this get over yaar’

changed to ‘why is this getting over yaar’


However, sunset is just a reminder of upcoming dawn

sleeping club will still be flooded with many a yawn

for friends like us, eternal and true

Good Byes only mean God bless you


This one year, together we swivelled and whirled

in this MBA, undoubtedly the best in the world

For us MBA is not Masters of Business Administration

but it is our ‘Most Blessed Association’

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