Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Bearded Uncle

Take off your ear studs
And start shaving daily.
Keep your eyebrows knotted
And stop moving gaily.

Can you see in black & white?
Can you worship your chores?
Do you keep singing always?
It’s rude to knock on the doors.

A lieutenant cannot speak
He should be all eyes and ears.
Wait till you get three stars
So silence for three years.

Understand if I yell at you
it’s only a correction,
Ah did I tell you?
you need to change your vision.

Now the silly child within asks,
 ‘Where is the bearded uncle,
Who used to dance like possessed,
And sing a song at will?’


Himanshu said...

Its a Lamentation
or a memory....something left behind
and melancholy on repeat reading

Beautiful piece....

Its not as much as going against the norm as it is trying to understand what others need from you rather than what they expect

Appudu said...

Maams May be we should just call it as transition and leave it at that.... :)