Monday, February 20, 2012

When will the mothership come?

Hear all! No not all,
only those who can see things before they happen,
only those whose hearts, souls and minds are open.
Those of us who don't see numbers but value,
those of us who talk with your inner you.

Hear all indigo spirits,
If you feel your life is a Topsy-turvy Déjà Vu  
If you feel that you are Winnie the pooh
If you speak fluently an unknown tongue
If you seem to grow not old but young

Hear those who yearn,
To return to the warmth of the mother ship
to take the final mission completion trip.
Those who search everywhere for a sign,
did you forget that the stars are ever benign?

Soon Jupiter & Venus shall shine above the horizon
Mercury will join the celestial procession.
Then the pathway to heaven will be thrown open
leading us to the land of twinkling purple sun.

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