Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dubai Days....

The laughter is still ringing in my ears
And the images refuse to budge
My heart brims with longing
for those moments of noisy bonding.

Where are those stairs to happiness,
those endless nights of banter?
Where are those thousand cigarettes
Which we shared with countless secrets?

The way we prowled the corridors
caring two hoots about everything else,
Shouting war cries and swear words
as if we were the rulers of all the worlds.

Ah! the dirty dirty birthday bash
Mango juice and potato mash?
Water can Drums, Noise and Din
beating the day lights out of him.

As Sumanth rightly said ‘you can take the man out of the desert
But you can’t take the desert out of the man’
Singapore you have it all
But you aren’t like Dubai at all!

For us it represents the spirit, light and glow
of our friendship, love and exhilaration.
Would give anything to get those Dubai days back
We miss you Dubai. We love you Dubai.

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