Friday, June 17, 2011

Let me just be...

Once I get tired of running hither thither
I might sit down and look up.
Realising that I have been only running in circles all along
and as a confounded schizophrenic might stare at you.
I might want to pour out all the contradictions in me
I would want to sleep to make up for these restless nights.
Like the skin shedding its toxins while healing
My mind shall let go of all its sins.
Then it might dawn on me how great life is
and how callously I have squandered it.
This dawn of greatness shall spread the light of humility
Then my heart will be filled with remorse
For all those things I never did and I will never do.
If at that time if I seek solace, refuge in you
Don’t turn me away Narahari!
Let me just soak in your infinite love
And let me just be……..

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