Saturday, July 2, 2011


The mind gets disturbed when everything is calm
Yet finds peace in disturbance
If peace and transients are two sides of the same coin
Where do I go in search of peace and why?
Any relationship is an additional bundle
And which one is the last to break the camel’s back?
We spend our entire lives carrying bundles
Is that all I am made for?
Oh no baby, do not follow me
I am not marriage material.
And why do things I run away from
Get attracted to me all the more?
Thrill of chase leaves both of us tired.
When I can’t even practice what I preach
What use is any preaching of?
If questions and answers are two coins of the same side
Should I even look out for the answers of these questions?
To hell with the world
I am on my way to become an Avadhuta!

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