Saturday, July 2, 2011

Narcotic Life

Convoluted mathematical derivations
seem simple before the turns of destiny
which is unravelled unrivalled.
If we have the magic key that opens every door
honey the challenge is to find the key hole now.
Fate does not make you weaker
instead it keeps getting smarter.
The neural network of the universe is ever updating
every move that can possible be conceived by human
every thought that is still covered in the mental placenta
is a mere variable in the universal equation.
If in doubts destiny lets you win,
experiments with you and learns skills
which will be used against you.
Still man lives on,
the one who knows this and the one who doesn’t.
He runs behind the solution of this equation
which the universe has not yet finished and hence he will live on.
As yet another night fades into a pale dawn
It rekindles lost forsaken hopes.
But still we look forward to it.
Cheers to life.
The most effective narcotic known to mankind yet.......