Friday, April 27, 2012

Lost voice in the wilderness!!!

When I can’t talk to you after a testing day,
When I can’t see you roaming around,
And feel secure in that natural bond, which tied us together,
When I can’t listen to your voice - a soothing reassurance,
like a breeze that foretells the arrival of monsoon on a sultry summer evening,
I try to hold on to the myriad images in my memories
I try to experience them in my mind
I try to look into the photos in which we have frozen moments that defined my life.
Alas, that only makes me cry
As I crave more
to hug you tight,
to lean on your shoulder
to beat, to pinch, to bite you
to laugh my heart out with you.
Those long walks are gone,
The silent evenings are a distant past!
The unseen, untold, unforgettable hands of darkness
hold me down as I try to jump out of this quick sand.
All I see is the huge distance
As I try to grab as much as I can from your presence
To fill up the vacuum of your absence,
I slip down in the abyss as huge tongues flames engulf me.
Can you hear my cries?
Or have I become a lost voice in the wilderness already?

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