Friday, April 20, 2012

Tamaso ma jyotirga maya!

Walk slowly but steadily,
there is this light to guide you.
from illusion to truth
from darkness to light
realise you are already immortal!

Transition is constant, we are changing ever.
Determine the direction by looking at this soothing light
it will lead you, me, us
from lower to higher levels of consciousness
from turbulence to benevolence
from disturbance to peace
from experimental to supra mental!

The light glows everywhere within the best and worst of men.


Jayanthy said...

Everyone can talk philospohy but it takes a very few to make us realize the need and the value of it!
Most of the times these words are assurances saying 'You are not alone!' :)
Simple and good anna! :)

Madan Panathula said...

Thank you so much Jayanthi... Yes the thought that we aren't alone is quite reassuring... :)