Saturday, December 25, 2010

Living Life the Zen way - realisation at the Beach

What did a few hours of Corporate Finance do to a group of students? Some fell asleep, some lost their sleep, some got terrified and some gratified (with the group studies). And then there were the six of us(Appy, Ashish Bhai, Binay, Panda, Laddoo and I)  who went bonkers and decided to go the beach at 12 30 AM And off we were to Jumeira Beach by taking a cab.!!!! 

The moon was bright and beautiful. The stars seemed like small pieces of glasses strewn over a black velvet blanket that were reflecting the light of the moon and the Hunter Man (Orion) emerged slowly from behind the clouds to stand guard for us. The waves we whispering their welcomes. Cool air in our hair and cool sand beneath our feet we stepped into the surprisingly warm water.... The surprises nature offers us subtly, never end.

After a good deal of playing in water in a mildly 'nicotine induced high' we sat on the shores with the skyline of Dubai behind and the endless sea in front of us. This serenity even subduded Appy into a nirvana :) Thus were we collectively inspired to contemplate that there are two ways of leading lives:
  • one by thinking, planning and acting where by you actually lead a life
  • the other acting on impulses and enjoying just that moment where by u actually just live
now we were living just that moment that too to the fullest - The Zen Way.

The Aaoge Jab Tum Saajana was still flowing melifluously from our mobiles when we decided to take a cab back and surprisingly the universe delighted us by playing the same song again in the radio. It still echoes in our mind as we lull ourselves into sleep -  Aaoge Jab Tum Saajana............

And in our dreams we wish oursleves a Very Good Morning for yet another day which lets us discoverwhatever life has to offer... ensoy.........
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