Friday, December 24, 2010


With song in my lips and joy in my heart,
I shall march ahead on foot or on a cart.
I don’t know the path, I can't see my goal,
I cannot be contained in a small rabbit hole.

I shall not stop; I will wander and roam,
My world lies outside and not in my home.
My legs will not stop and I cannot take rest
I want to keep searching to find out the best.

One life is too short to see the whole world,
but we always have time to sing with a bird.
My travels will not cease, I will never rust,
will walk even to my death, I am wanderlust


menaka said...

Awesome as always! Brilliant Madana:)

Appudu said...

Thank you Menaka.... Thanks for honouring me with the first comment!!

karthik said...

wow da...thats a nice poem(pom) usual u have played with words to express your feeling...

Fun part: Odukalan apdingartha ennama sollirukka...

on a serious note: i wish you with what you desire. but do consider the point, that a lot of people wants you to be in their reach...

Appudu said...

@Karthik Thanks for the comment.

BTW - u can also follow my blog so that you will get updates when i add a new posy

Annapoorani said...

Whoaaa!Someone is into blogging!so nice of that :)
and Sirji what an intro about urself...Master in BAD Administration and Bachelor in electrical eccentricity...Mr.Brainy don't fake us with your outstanding vocabulary... we already know ur talents :)

Blog header and image looks damn cool :)Title looks so apt..Wanderlust..perfect as you always love to sojourn and travel a lot adhering to Robert Frost verses...

Now back to the poem :)One life is definitely not enough to visit the whole world but where there is a will there is a way!you have brought the essence of life so well with goldly coined words as beads which makes a perfect chain(sigh what am I upto?)

Lovely poem Madhu :)
I wish you write often and more :)And remember I will always be there to pester with my comments :) ha ha ha (evil sinister smile :) :) :)

Appudu said...

@Annapoorni: Thanks for the comments as always expecting the honour of review continously...

Himanshu said...
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Himanshu said...

Wanderlust...Reminds me,
Reminds of someone who said " I expect to pass through this world but once,
any good therefore that i can do or any kindness that i can show to any fellow creature,
let me do it now for i shall not pass this way again."

Reminds me,
Reminds of the elven daughter, wearing a flowing white gown, wandering in a meadow,
smile in her voice, luster in her presence, taking a glass bowl here and there,
I ask her, "What are you doing fair maiden ?"
She says, "trying to capture the ray of light that comes filtering through the branches"
She continues,"No matter how big the darkness, it can never extinguish a candle"

Bravo to Appudu, Wanderlust is a presence, presence in a fragrance of mind.

Appudu said...

@Himanshu: The comment in itself is so profound and thought provoking. Thanks for your encouragement.... expecting you reviews throughout.

nimi said...

i dnt knw,whether i m eligible 2 comment, but i jus want 2 say dat dis 1 inspired me, read it thrice, and d lines r superb