Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Three Wise Monkeys

The three wise monkeys – Mizaru (see no evil), Kikazaru (hear no evil) and Iwazaru (Speak no evil) were sitting on the shores of a foreign sea and contemplating about the ways of the world and suddenly Kikazaru asked “What is your greatest discovery in this strange land?”  The ever pensive Iwazaru became more pensive and was thinking on the lines of human nature and goodness of the universe when Mizaru quipped “The Greatest discovery is finding each other and not to forget the fourth one Shizaru – the one who does no evil.”
All three nodded in agreement when Iwazaru added “Like all the truths of life this might seem very trivial at the first glance but to find the right people with whom you can resonate and speak your mind, people with whom you can be yourself, people who become your friends for life even after you speak with them for a few hours, people who become a part of you and of whom you become part, is one of the greatest boons of our lives.”
Kikazaru went on “If you are with the right friends you can stand tall even when the world turns it’s back toward you. You can walk with the peace of having been forgiven even after you have committed a mistake. It is friends who keep you rooted to the realities while flying with you across the skies”
Probably the cold breeze was brining wisdom from distant lands and distant past to these three dreamers. The lackadaisical monkeys who would jump from place to place, create havoc, do mischief, be frivolous were today under the influence of the eternal light of friendship and were pouring forth emotions so humungous that the sea before them seemed to shrink.
They were letting their inner selves manifest which they did only when they were by themselves and hence the world failed to see beyond their frivolous nature. But little did they care! They gave two hoots to the opinion of the world. They knew they were right. Being non judgemental, being un biased, being open, treating everyone equally and living with the thought of carpe diem is what the wise do. The world can never understand and accept these. It can only ignore these outliers that too not forever. Sooner or later it is bound to look up to these monkeys for solace.
But blissfully unaware of these the monkeys smoked, jumped, laughed, abused each other and the entire world (none of these is evil of course, as it all came into their philosophical boundaries which were infinite). The played with the waters of the sea, breeze of the night, the sands of earth, the infinite sky and the fire within themselves.  They discovered indifference curves in the tail of the great bear. They went spiralling towards the higher levels of bliss and as they went they wished a wonderful new year for the world they had just left behind.


Apoorva Srivastva said...

"SVELTE" !!!!

Appudu said...

SVELTE - Meaning slender, slim? or Elegant and Sophisticated?

Apoorva Srivastva said...

high degree of refinement!!

Janani said...

Very nice.....Well thought!!!! Superb Madan.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year too

Appudu said...

Janani Thanks and wishing you a very happy new year too