Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Great Indian Republic

After making politically correct statements
that the world would like to hear,
After taking immense proud in just existing
in a way which is quiet unclear,
After trading the nationalistic feelings
for tri coloured ads and TRP ratings,
After strewing replicas of our flag everywhere
from the roads to government buildings,
After listening to a movie star talk about
Unity, peace and national integration,
After shopping for garments and accessories
that are latest in 'desi fashion',
The great Indian republic goes to sleep confused about
its short lived patriotism,
unmindful of the little girl
who works to build a multibillion dollar stadium,
which she will never enter;
unmindful of her happiness
of having got a lot of sweets
outside the school which she has never been to.


Himanshu said...

Very poignant representation of Mother India.
It’s like collective blindness and amnesia
Don’t we realize…………..
Gaia had to create Himalayas to STOP mother from advancing
We owe to Appudu to make us believe in her benevolence
Thank you

Appudu said...

Thanks Mams but what/who is Gaia?

Himanshu said...

Gaia came before everything else. We ARE ALL her children.