Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thoughts, Dreams and Time

Why is it so hard to believe
that when we travel faster than light we can go back in time!?
Our thoughts travel faster than light
and it transcends all the three tenses.
If I can think of my past self so easily,
can I meet my thoughts in the future?
If the thoughts are in me
can I get into my thoughts and break time barrier?
If I dream really
is reality a dream?
Now, did I wake up dreaming
or am I dreaming of waking up?


Archana said...

am i dreaming Or awake while writing this comment.. ;).. Awesome one da..

diya said...

Wow..Its like "dreaming of dreaming..." :-)

Good one.

sowmya. said...

Very thoughtful lines,,, just simply sooper :)

Appudu said...

Thanks Sowmya....