Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Song of my life…………

Even when I pass into a trance and  forget my very existence
and doubt the entire universe that I carefully built around me.
I keep hearing some music, I don’t know the notes by-heart
But it is familiar, it is something which is eternal.

The music from my soul, the music which never fades,
Full of life, hope and joy, it resounds from the depth of my heart.
Dragging me into the familiar feeling of comfort, warmth
No matter where I am lost in the cold, bleak desert of life.

It is a different fact that I cannot see the players,
Neither can I sing along but I shall remain alive as long as the song is played.
It is that energy that asks me carry on when I think of sitting
Asks me, to hope when I give up, to live when I think of dying

It used to hurt me that it comes from a far away place
and I am not there where it is played
But now I realize all that matters is the beauty of the song and not the singer.
I have learnt that even if the song is being sung for someone else – it is ok.
I shall be alive as long as I am able to hear it.

Those notes are my life, my inspiration, my everything.
That Music is my breath and soul and my mind.
That song is the song of my life and
That song, my love, is you.

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