Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Temptress

                I shall not enter the sea I stood defiant, stubborn. I did not want to enter the sea as I would not be able to bathe in it, because I was not dressed properly. I thought just standing on the edges with waves touching your feet will not be fun. A person of coast has a special relationship with the waves and he becomes snobbish, snooty as with someone you love.
                So, while my friends moved away holding random loci, I started walking along the coast when she reached out to me by stretching a gentle wave of silky warm cloak and invited me in. She played with my senses by blowing air around my hair; she laughed at me and enticed me to come near nay challenged me to stay far. To hell with it, I wanted to take off my floaters and roll up my pants and run towards her and step into the warmth of this Arabian Beauty.  But I moved slowly cautiously and before I realised I got engulfed in her scent and she started tickling my feet and played with it and slowly started moving towards my knees whispering endearments. How can a person who grew up with the rough male love of the Bay of Bengal not fall for the loving caress of this temptress called the Arabian Sea? A moment ago my ego was standing as tall as the Burj Khalifa and now it came down crashing like a sack of potatoes!
                These thoughts initiated a simple harmonic motion in my mind and it was undulating with sudden flow of alien feelings.  The sea has been talking to humanity ever since it moved out of its lap, many a times into deaf ears. The Sea was the first thing to come into this world for the world was just a planet before the seas came and the seas will be the last thing to disappear, so as far as our mortal lives are concerned the sea is eternal, as they say in Sanskrit sthiram, chiram.  Now we have come so far from nature that we no longer understand the writing in the patterns of sand, we no longer comprehend the words spoken by the sea through its million tongues. But if we care to listen then we will find beyond the unfathomable noise there is a message of equanimous, balanced, universal, infinite positivity. I don’t know if its love, it could be. May be we have lost the capacity to receive something that is so complete. Maybe that is why God has stopped visiting us or maybe we no longer identify him when he does.  I became pensive and found myself moving away from the sea of humanity towards the sea of eternity, maybe in search of answers or even more questions.


subhashree said...

loved the flavour in it... i first thought it was something gilma-ous but then i realized it more plesurable than gilma :)

Appudu said...

Subha.... it was indeed more pleasurable than gilma ;)

Himanshu said...
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Himanshu said...

Appudu, you have brushed with Gaia again and touched a nerve in humanity. This is profound and frightening.
Lest we forget, these mammales for want of better habitat evolved and went BACK to sea.
They are called Whales, Dolphins and Seals.

We are an enormous burden on mother right now. That mega tsunami will come, polar ice caps will melt,
Noah's ark will again be built and humanity will have no choice but to accept the inevitable fate.

We are the dream of the dolphin (Engima 1993 the Cross of Changes) and the temptress will have us.

Is this a cosmic cycle? Whence we return to sea is transcendence far behind?
Gaia is a memory and that tempts us.Heaven is not up at the pearly gates but may be down in the deep abode of the ocean

Appudu, your contemplation is as enlightening as it is profound.
Thank you for reminding us of our true journey for which we can only but be prepared.

Appudu said...

Himanshu, Let me first savour the comment, it is a special moment when you commend me... It is something akin to an achievement for me when you say something nice about me.... But having said this I understand that it is the idea that was being applauded here.... For which I can take no credit because it was Gaia's I am just transistor radio who captured those waves in air and just relayed....

You are right the dolphins have to end thier dream as we have made it very unplesant and when it happens we will be without an identity, unless we mend our ways nows..