Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A welcome note.....

As we journey down the road of life
Towards our own destinations
 We walk a stretch with strangers
We share their memories, we share their warmth
We share joy, we share wisdom
We sometimes enjoy their company
But sometimes, we crave solitude
None the less we envelope each other with security
Much needed in these unknown reality
While crossing these unseen frontiers.

Not long down the road
We come across a new group
Embarking on a trip lead by their destinies
Willing to talk with us, willing to walk with us
When we ask ‘where are you going’?
We are marching towards success says one
We are marching towards empowerment says another
We are collecting knowledge says yet another
They asked in return about our journey
We say, we are seekers of solace and of money and of joy and skill.
We say, we are all walking towards bettering our life.
Happiness of new company excites us - the more the merrier delights us
Now, we invite them to join us, Welcome Aboard

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subhashree said...

:-) the title makes it complete :)