Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Under the Same Sky

The thin line separating solitude and loneliness
is the same that separates fasting and starving.
We walk alone often as we don’t have any choice
or sometimes by choice to follow our calling.

But are we actually alone in this convoluted world?
When everything is connected to every other thing
through a web of life; no please not the internet
but by the underlying, unidentified, often ignored string.

Do not the birds carry messages of love across the globe?
Does not the wind bring stories from distant lands?
Does not the sea carry the brave to their new homes?
Aren’t our paths are shaped by thousand other hands?

Strangers give hope and show love without any reason
as long as we are open and shed our inhibition.
A boatman rows me across and shares his food saying ‘eat my son’!
And if I am humble enough to accept, I could see heaven.

So having no company presently isn’t all that adverse   
There is someone walking your path with you unseen.
Albeit he is at a different time in a different universe
But he is under the same sky, you just haven’t met him.

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